Dating back to ancient civilization, through their ingenuity and innate desire for communal experience and competition, the human species has conjured up many interesting games that are still widely popular today. Through the passage of time and different cultures putting their creative spin on them, only a few games are still universally recognized and celebrated. The simpler the game, the greater chance it has to withstand the relentless machinery that is the human imagination and innovation.

Degen Street Bets is a gaming/betting platform that wants to pay homage to the earlier enterprise of the human mind and bring forth a series of games that are widely acknowledged to create a vibrant and enthusiastic community with shared interests. Combining the sheer capacity of blockchain utility and these universally lauded games, Degen Street Bets aspired to be at the very forefront of fusing entertainment and creativity into the web3 fabric and landscape.

The past sets the stage for the future. DSB is not merely a fun platform for betting and entertainment but also a conscious initiative to preserve the relics of antiquity while spearheading a progressive and deflationary movement in DeFi. One may ask, what does a gaming/betting platform solve in DeFi? Through the mechanism of utilizing revenue from the platform to trigger โ€œbuyback and burnโ€, there is a continual stream of capital to strengthen the chart while reducing the supply of the token. Strategically and periodically adding new games to fuel continual hype and excitement for the platform. In addition, a compartmentalization approach to the smart contracts allows for a seamless cross-chain capability down the pipeline.

As the name may suggest, aside from a very far-reaching DeFi dimension, DSBโ€™s other undertaking is to bring excitement and pure unadulterated fun back to BSC. The alarming rate of scams, rugs, and false promises permeating the BNBChain does not bespeak an image of fun and safe investing. DSBโ€™s web-based app platform will be operational before launch to give observers and potential investors the ease of mind to invest. The term โ€œdegenโ€ can have both negative and positive connotations, but DSB is here to proudly seize that word as part of the project branding and elevate that word to mean the very best in blockchain integrity while preserving the true essence of the BSC hype and hysteria culture. To unlock this degen state, the first game on the platform will be an understated, but beautiful in its simplicity and straightforward nature, coin flip.

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